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Powerup is portrayed as a brand that combines innovation, quality, and style in its range of electronics accessories This includes a variety of products such as charging cables, high-speed adapters, Qualcomm and GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology, and MagSafe power banks.The global presence and commitment to providing leading power solutions suggest an ambitious vision for making its products accessible and influential on an international level.



GRIPP | EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE a brand by Techno Life is with the simple notion of making accessories for your Smart Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Watch etc. to enrich today”s lifestyle and primarily safeguard your device. A commitment to INNOVATIVE DESIGN, attention to FUNCTIONALITY, UNCOMPROMISED QUALITY AND DURABILITY and AFTER SALES CLIENT SERVICING lead our way to create spectacular gizmo accessories. Today, we have marked our presence amidst 3000+ retailers and have been felicitated to be the #1 brand for accessories for Apple products in India. Our team is a group of passionate individuals who work every day with a vision to design new products which have aesthetic value, are user friendly and most importantly attention to detail.



Duce emerges as a brand within the Gadget League umbrella, specializing in a variety of mobile accessories. The brand's emphasis on drop-tested cases, compatibility with popular smartphone brands, and the inclusion of additional accessories like camera lenses and laptop bags showcase a commitment to providing a comprehensive and quality product offering to consumers in Asia. The mention of drop-tested cases and the affiliation with Gadget League implies a commitment to quality assurance. This ensures that customers can trust the durability and reliability of Duce products.




Best iPhone Cases in India

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